Company Policy

“We are an organization dedicated to the design, production and marketing of heels, safety toecaps, wedges, floors, ornaments and platforms for the footwear sector, our main objective being to achieve the loyalty and satisfaction of our customers based on creating needs and expectations in the market and after acceptance accept our commitments in all cases.

All of this must be achieved through an excellent team where each one contributes with professionalism and responsibility to an efficient work directed towards the same objectives.

The quality of the product and the service offered, the knowledge of the sector and its trends, creativity and innovation together with the use of cutting-edge technologies, must be applied in a sustainable way to achieve an excellent position in front of our most direct competitors.

For this we must commit ourselves to meet the established requirements and apply continuous improvement in all our activities.
Management undertakes that these principles are known and understood by all company personnel and that resources are not spared so that they are met in a sustainable manner. ”