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Environmental Policy

Tecnotac SLU has established its environmental policy ensuring that:

  • Is appropriate to the nature and magnitude of the environmental impacts of its activities, products and services.
  • Includes a commitment to continuous improvement and pollution prevention.
  • It includes a commitment to comply with current legislation and other legal requirements regarding the environment.
  • Provides the framework for setting and reviewing established objectives.
  • It is documented, implemented and maintained, ensuring that it is appropriate to Tecnotac SLU.
  • It is communicated to employees and is available to the public.

In relation to the environmental requirements of the GRS standard, in particular, the organization commits to:

  • Designate a person responsible for the management of environmental aspects.
  • Comply with current legislation and voluntary agreements regarding its significant environmental impacts.
  • Carry out continuous control of the production process and monitor related environmental aspects, in particular water and energy consumption and production waste.
  • Define objectives and adopt operational procedures and/or practices to reduce water and energy consumption.
  • Adopt operational procedures and/or practices aimed at minimizing waste and wastewater production.
  • Adopt procedures for the prevention and management of environmental emergencies.
  • Provide company personnel with adequate training on relevant environmental aspects.
  • Adopt an improvement program.

The organization also undertakes to provide the technical, economic and professional resources necessary for the objectives of the environmental policy to be fully achieved.